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“ You are not IN the Universe, you ARE the Universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately, you are not a person, but a focal point where the Universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle. ”

- Eckhart Tolle -

Unicorn CFO

Unicorn CFO is a vital point of the magical galactic journey. We rescue you from the biggest hurdles that plague companies with strategic money implementation. We help you become a chess master of your finances with tailored strategies to maximize cash flow and capital resources that enable you to formulate a plan to achieve your dreams.

  • - Capital & Revenue Strategies
  • - Fractional CFO Services
  • - Tax/Corporate Planning
  • - Investment opportunities

“ I had a DREAM to own a franchise store thanks to UU now I have 6! ”

- Drew Blattner, NECTAR -

Unicorn Solutions

Unicorn Solutions takes the pain out of your company by providing a rainbow bridge to the services and support you need to thrive. This is referred to as “developing your horn.” Through the power of magical syndications, companies unite to provide you with resources and professional services, saving you from doing the heavy lifting. We scoured the universe for industry leaders and vertical niche experts, so you don't have to. We confirm they have developed their "Unicorn Horn" by putting their magical abilities to the test. Only after they have earned their stripes and proven themselves to be Unicorn material are they invited to assist others, such as you, on your journey through the Unicorn Universe.

  • - Product & Brand Development
  • - Marketing Assets & Strategies
  • - Operations & Team Building

“ Unicorn Universe has proven to be an invaluable partner and we have enjoyed helping their Unicorns fly! ”

- Nathan Bailey, humnbird.com -

Unicorn Access

Unicorn Access is where you and your fellow Unicorns EXPLODE by discovering and providing a robust community with opportunities that generate a plethora of success! When you arrive, generally with a large herd of support, a vast network of strategic links to individuals, partners, offers, and so much more is unleashed. Unicorns assist you with developing your storyboard and map, connect you to podcasts, books, media, community awards, sponsorships, and even being recognized by an audience at an event where YOU are the main attraction! This is where you can really light the way for other Unicorns, demonstrating the magic of how you accomplished dreams you once felt were unimaginable.

  • - LinkedIn Profile Management
  • - Networking Strategies
  • - PR Event Campaigns

“ The Unicorn Universe is reimagining the world of Business and Connection! ”

- Andrew Kolikoff, Secret Sauce Society -